Late Rising
Take a small step to start something big

Currently Late Rising is being built from the ground up one step at a time . Currently i'm fleshing it out with background info and then will continue to grow it as I progress. It  contains the archives of Blue Green Gold Grey which was a blog I wrote about running from 2015 to 2022.   The posts there became fewer and fewer as at the end of the day there is only so much you can blog about running without repeating the same posts ad nauseam.  Admittedly the photos were good though.

Times change, people and things move on. I've started to diversify into other areas. Although running is still the primary activity I will reach the grand old age of 50 in 2023. I don't feel 50 and I hope I never do. And to achieve that I've realised I needed to take a more fully rounded view of what and who i am. The body and mind simply can't batter up against a wall of countless miles in the hope that nothing breaks. technically this has been my approach to running over the years and I wondered why i was injured or burning out.

So I've been learning about strength training, mobility, diet, recovery, mental strength and all the constituent parts of being a healthy person.  I hope to outline and dive deeper into some of my findings here.  Really it's for myself. To catalog progress and thoughts but perhaps it will be of use to others. At the moment I'm an experiment of one. I learn by trial and error and by reading a lot. In fact reading a lot of conflicting information and sifting out what I believe is important - at least to me.

I'm currently running a one year experiment which I will detail in other sections which involves pushing myself daily to limits I didn't think I would have the mental fortitude to reach. It's as much a test of the mind as the body and it's certainly interesting.  And that's where the name Late Rising comes from - not from getting out of bed late but rather discovering your potential later in life.  I didn't start running until my forties, before that I did no exercise and ate badly and wondered why I felt awful. I'm hoping that I can go on to prove not just to myself but others that change is possible and that it's never too late to start something.